DATabase Log : English Translations (20120829)

MSX 2 (Cartridges) :

  • REMOVED : King Kong 2 – The Legend is Revived (Japan) [T-En by Django+Imanok v2.2] [n]
  • UPDATED : King Kong 2 – The Reviving Legend (Japan) [T-En by Imanok+Manuel Pazos v20120801] [n]

Nintendo Virtual Boy :

  • ADDED : SD Gundam – Dimension War (Japan) [T-En by Benjamin Stevens v1.0]

Sega Dreamcast :

  • ADDED : Frame Gride (Japan) [T-En by DCHQ v2.0b]

Sony PlayStation :

  • ADDED : Front Mission 2 (Japan) (v1.1) [T-En by v2b] [i]

10 thoughts on “DATabase Log : English Translations (20120829)

  1. Hi,
    why did you remove roms from the dat files?
    As a collector I did not like to complete a collection and to delete the files after the next update.

    Please do not remove the roms when a new version is available.

  2. To answer you, I will quote the project convention: “The Maybe-Intro project intends to preserve the latest version of complete or almost complete fan translations and the best other types of ROM hacks.”

    I fear to upset your collector tendencies. Maybe-Intro doesn’t pretend to be GoodTools and I prefer to focus on quality over quantity. Whenever the new version of a translation is available, it supersedes the previous one.

    About the “King Kong 2” translation. The translation by Django which was removed was an unofficial update of the Imanok’s. Imanok updated his work and improved it over all the Django’s modifications. Hence the new Imanok’s translation supersedes all the previous ones.

  3. @Powerpuff
    It might be a good idea to keep old DAT packs (even if it’s just for your own internal reference). You would be surprised how valuable they can be if you need to track back a problem/error in a current DAT.

  4. @Cassiel
    Thanks for the advice. The DATabase Log has been enough for me to track the changes. You can find a complete version and other useful documents here.
    The change log there can also give you hints about what is coming next. 😉
    The content of the other docs will eventually be ported to the site.

    You’re right. It is so obvious to me that I might have forgotten to say. All the data which are shared at Maybe-Intro can be used by other projects. So the Maybe-Intro content and its rollback can be used by the Good/NonGoodSets or TOSEC, etc.

  5. @Powerpuff
    did you still have the “Shining Force 3” SF3Patch.exe v12?
    you did replace it with v13 on your dropbox two weeks ago

  6. @segax
    You guessed right. I have checked my Dropbox account for you if I can get the old version of the patch back, but it was replaced too long ago to be possible. Sorry.

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